Massimo Licata was born in Rome, Italy.

1974 –   Moves to New York City.
Starts sculpting in wood.

1976 –  Shows at and sells several wood sculptures to The Philip Laverne Gallery, 57th Street and Madison, NYC.
Deals with a number of interior decorators, and the Robert Young Gallery, The Sanford Gallery and later, for several successful years with the OPUS II Gallery, D&D building, Manhattan.

1992  –  His large Reclining Figure gets permanently shown at the Shidoni Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

1993  –  Solo Show, the Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.

1993  –  Group Show, the E. Horwitch Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

1994  –  Group Show, the E. Horwitch Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

1995  –  Solo Show, the Dietrich Gallery, Mercer Street, SoHo, NYC.

1996  –  Solo Shoe, the Bloomgarten Gallery, Wooster Street, SoHo, NYC.

1996  –  Solo Show, the Belenky Gallery, SoHo, NYC.

1997  –  Solo Show, the Belenky Gallery, SoHo, NYC.

1998  –  Solo Show, the Moxley Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

1999 – 2000 – three eye surgeries to prevent blindness.

No longer seeking gallery representation, sells his work privately.
2002 – 2015. Completes a great number of works, sculptures and paintings, and series of large, innovative paintings and sculptures.
PROTEUS Series: paintings of changeable form.
PRECARIOUS Series: paintings held on wall by one corner.
PAINTILIBRIUMS Series: two paintings suspended from ceiling, connected by steel cables, holding each other in equilibrium.
DONDOLI: large rocking sculptures.

2016- 2017 – October 27, 2016 – February 29, 2017 – he welcomes a retrospective show at the Curtiss Jacobs Gallery, which marks the artist’s return to public gallery representation.

2018 – Solo Show, September 27th – November 4th, the Curtiss Jacobs Gallery, Harlem, NYC.